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Love Your Regulator

One of the advantages of being in a regulated industry is the technological barrier to entry. If you don't understand how to design to the regulations and get the approvals, you can't play! Most regulations are reasonable and help you keep your customer safe. This is...

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Our Site Improves!  A way to help those who want to "Kommercialize" ideas into solid organizations that are worthy of investment, and most of all, of value to our customers. Our logo combines the symbol for "idea" with the ISO symbol for "manufacturing" (ISO7000 -...

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The Kommercialization Bookshelf

Some important reference guides for Kommercialization

Startup Manual

From “The Guy”

Steve Blank, the innovator of many of our methods of getting from a great idea to a company tells it all.

His main advice “Get out of the office and talk to your customers.”

Intellectual Property

A Starting Point for IP

THE book that gives the background on patents even suggests ways of doing it yourself.

Quality Management System

The QMS for your industry

A Quality System constructed for your market is not only required, but will get you a better product sooner.